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Win a free copy of The Deadliest Thief

By becoming a subscriber to my semi-annual newsletter by November 17th, you are eligible to win a FREE e-copy of my novel, THE DEADLIEST THIEF, a finalist for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for best mystery. If you have been a subscriber, you are already in the pool. To subscribe, just go to the HOME page of my website, scroll down, and sign up. The winner will be selected at random, and the e-book will be delivered to any email address you specify.

THE DEADLIEST THIEF has been praised by both professional reviewers and readers: Here is an excerpt from the Kirkus Review:

An alchemist and first-century amateur sleuth returns and must rescue a kidnapped friend in the fifth installment in Trop’s historical mystery series. It is Feb. 26, 61 C.E., and Miriam bat Isaac bolts from her chair to answer the banging on the door of her townhouse in Roman-occupied Alexandria, Egypt. She sees her closest friend, Phoebe, badly beaten; within moments she crumbles to the marble floor. She dies in Miriam’s arms, mumbling the word “document.” Distraught, Miriam discovers her friend brought a tube containing a sealed, rolled parchment. With shock she learns the dead woman isn’t Phoebe but rather Phoebe’s hitherto unknown twin sister, Leda, who was raised in Crete. …The real strength of Trop’s atmospherically rich book lies in her ability to transport her audience to a distant time and place… .Vibrant imagery and an entertaining plot ending with a most unexpected twist.

The giveaway ends on Thanksgiving Day. Don't be the last to find out whether Miriam can rescue the kidnapped Phoebe before it’s too late. Sign up now! Just click here. You can unsubscribe at any time.


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