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She took her audience on a tour of the city during the first century CE and then invited them to purchase autographed copies of her books and sign up for her newsletter.


Do you want rosy cheeks? Thicker eyelashes? A smoother skin? Don’t worry. If you can’t get crocodile intestine to make your cheeks rosy, Pliny the Elder also recommended bull dung, which some say is ubiquitous around here. Tune in on Friday, May 6, 2022 at 2:40 PM EDT to listen to June tell the beauty secrets of Roman women. It’s free. Just click here:


Wealthy Roman women used their hair to flaunt their status. Women either wore wigs or had slaves dress their hair in elaborate styles. They also dyed their hair. Fortunately they had remedies if the treatments thinned their hair. One option was using the ashes of an ass’s genitals.


This month, June spoke about the research a historical novelist does, that her own research takes her to unexpected places. When writing “The Brother,” the second story in her upcoming book THE DEADLIEST DECEPTIONS, she needed to find out how, without DNA, dental records, and fingerprints, they identified a dead body. With careful and accurate research findings, she not only entertains her readers with a riveting story , but she puts them in a time machine that takes them back 2000 years.


June spoke about her next book, THE DEADLIEST DECEPTIONS, a collection of Miriam bat Isaac short stories coming out in 2022. In particular, she spoke about the first story, “Believing is Seeing,” an example of a locked-room murder mystery. This subgenre of detective fiction features a crime that takes place in an inaccessible area, not necessarily a locked room but anyplace where the perpetrator could not have gotten in or out without being detected. The host, Ron Clark, invited her back soon.

Eleanor Wagner, ghost buster and author of novels that feature supernatural romances, got June to tell how she created her protagonist, how she feels about promoting her books and about getting negative reviews, how she gets her ideas, and what she does if she experiences “writer’s block.” Click on the picture to get the inside information.

Allison Hosier, an Associate Librarian in the Information Literacy Department at the University at Albany, interviewed June about the role of research in her creative writing. A driving question to June is the extent that research and creativity interact. Following the interview, June was invited to participate in the formal study, likely to begin next year.

June has been a frequent guest on Chat and Spin Radio, a 24-7 radio program out of the UK. This time, June told her audience about THE DEADLIEST SPORT, her Miriam bat Isaac novel about intrigue among gladiators in Roman-occupied Alexandria.

The 4th annual Albany Book Festival presented by the NYS Writers Institute at the University at Albany.

People stopped by for the chance to win great prizes, enjoy the art of story-telling, and support some future best-selling authors. ​

The town is important for three reasons: It is the home of Chat and Spin Radio, an internet station of music and interviews; it is the ancestral home of George Washington; and you can listen live at 3:40 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 31 to Ron Clark interviewing June about the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series. Just click here.

June has been a frequent guest on Chat and Spin Radio, a 24-7 radio and podcast program out of the UK. In addition to music favorites, listeners can hear artists and authors discuss their latest work. June told her audience about her upcoming book of short stories, The Deadliest Deceptions, set in first-century CE Roman Alexandria. Just click here to listen to the podcast: