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Enter the world of first-century CE Roman Alexandria and join in the perilous adventures of Miriam bat Isaac and her deputy Phoebe.


Help them solve these nine baffling cases:



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“The Brother” is about a bizarre scheme to steal a rare manuscript, but alas, murder intrudes whenever the stakes are that high, and Miriam is called in to identify the body.


“Believing is Seeing” is a locked-room murder mystery. Who murdered the sailor, and how could the killer have entered?


“Revenge” is the story of two cousins dying from the same familial illness. Or were they poisoned instead by the larvae of this exotic beetle?

“The Fire” is an investigation into the house-fire death of a coquettish Roman matron. Who was the pitiless onlooker watching through the grid of the metal-studded front door?


“The Guest” recounts the effects of one man’s simmering jealousy.

In a crowded restaurant, Miriam overhears a stranger confide to his companion that he intends to commit a murder tomorrow. Can she and Phoebe thwart his plan in “The Mistress”?


“The Recollection” is about a man who after being stabbed, awakens on a pile of rubble in a rutted alley and struggles to recall who he is.

“The Dagger” features Phoebe, eager to solve the murder of a retired gladiator whose throat was slit in a sleezy waterfront inn.


In “The Missing Widow”, Phoebe risks a pair of antique Etruscan earrings and her very life to solve the disappearance of her next-door neighbor.

Whether or not you can help Miriam and Phoebe solve the nine crimes in The Deadliest Deceptions, your blood will flow faster as you escape into that world of adventure for which we all long.


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