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Video: Alexander the Great

            Alexander the Great recognized a two-mile-wide tongue of limestone in an old Egyptian fishing village as having the potential to become his great city. Succumbing to a fever before his thirty-third birthday, however, he never had the chance to realize his dream. Instead, one of his bodyguards, a trusted general named Ptolemy, proclaimed himself sovereign of Alexander’s Egyptian kingdom and constructed the city that would be unrivaled for its splendor.


Who was this great conqueror born almost 400 years before Miriam? 

Video: A Climb up the Pharos Lighthouse

            In Chapter 19 of THE DEADLIEST LIE, Miriam recalls when she, Binyamin, and her betrothed Noah visited the Pharos Lighthouse. The cones of sunlight from the lighthouse’s western windows spilled an amber glow onto the damp stone floor as they circled through the odors of mice and brine. Following their jug-eared, pimple-faced guide up the broad interior ramp that spirals around the core of the lighthouse, they were rewarded with a spectacular view of their city.

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