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Miriam bat Isaac


A beautiful young woman, budding alchemist, fervent Jewess, and Roman citizen with an unrequited love for Judah and a nose for trouble. An astrologer predicted that she would have great gifts but experience great losses.






Miriam’s devoted companion, a rescued Greek foundling with a dimpled smile, dumpling-like hands, and a childlike face.



Isaac ben Asher


Miriam’s domineering father. Armored in pride and fortified by wrath, he blames his son Binyamin, born as a breech baby, for his wife’s death from childbed fever.




Noah ben Amram


 A homely but wealthy businessman devoted to Miriam and betrothed to her when they

 were children. Miriam cares for him deeply but as only a friend.





 A handsome and talented jeweler who introduces Miriam to the League   

 of Alchemists. A bastard son with no social status, Miriam is physically and emotionally

 attracted to him and has romantic fantasies about him.




Binyamin ben Isaac


Miriam’s promiscuous twin brother, an exceptional athlete with haughty eyes that bristle

with power. He realizes his dream of becoming a gladiator despite his father’s reprehensions.






The retired gladiator and primordial giant who took refuge in Alexandria with Eppia,

 the senator’s wife who’d given up everything to be with him. He acts as a liaison between would-be gladiators and the schools that might accept them.


Edad antigua : trajes de los Hebreros.

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