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Miriam Lets Out A Boorish Shriek

A trireme is a Roman military ship with three banks of oars and approximately 50 rowers in each of the three banks. The word comes from the Latin “triremis” meaning “with three banks of oars”. These ships patrolled the Mediterranean for pirates and escorted large merchant ships.

In “Revenge”, a story in THE DEADLIEST DECEPTIONS, Miriam spots the Oceanus when having lunch with Phoebe in the Flaming’s Tongue and lets out a shriek:

“What’s the matter, Miriam? Don’t tell me the noise is getting to you.”

“That ship, the Oceanus.”

“So? Dozens of ships are setting sail today.”

“But this is the only troop carrier. And the stevedores are loading its supply vessel now. Nero must have ordered another expedition.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. How on earth would you know that?”

“The Oceanus has the capacity to transport exotic plants for the imperial gardens and wild beasts for the games so Nero can assure us all of the power and reach of the emp—”

“I can see that,” snapped Phoebe, “but I meant how do you know what its mission is now, and why the outburst?”

I closed my eyes to resurrect a memory from some seven years ago.

You won’t have to eat stuffed flamingo tongues to find out why Miriam was so boorish as to let out a shriek. All you have to do is read “Revenge.” To find out more, click here.


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