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Take a look at this fresco showing patrons gambling in the back room of the waterfront tavern known as the Lady Luck. The Romans weren’t shy about their love of eating and drinking. So, it’s no surprise that taverns were key locations throughout the empire. It was there, after colonizing other nations, that the Romans spread their culture and ideas.

And in THE DEADLIEST THIEF, the back room of the Lady Luck is where rogues met to split their take. Here’s how one thief describes the meeting:

“The night the captain died, I met with him at the Lady Luck. Each of us had handfuls of stones but had yet to split the take in accord with our agreement. At sea, we simply passed the swag around one to the other in response to a newly discovered hiding place, speculations that a military transport was following us, or rumors that fellow passengers were about to search the ship. After all, who else but thieves would be so afraid of being robbed?

The Lady Luck caters to sailors, sea captains, and Miriam when she’s keen on solving a crime. Here’s how Miriam describes it:

The saloon was mean looking, a long and narrow room under a low planked ceiling and a ring of sputtering oil lamps. Its deeply stained walls exhaled the hot breath of unwashed bodies, rancid grease, and henket, a cheap Egyptian beer.

If you dare, you can meet Miriam there, but I warn you: Do not sit down at a gaming table unless you’re ready to lose your money and perhaps your life. Find out more here:


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