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Freemen or Slaves

Barbering was introduced to Rome in 296 BCE. All free men were required to be clean-shaven, while slaves were forced to wear beards. And so, those with beards were referred to as barbarians.

As a part of Roman daily tradition, barbering also became the forefront for social gathering, debates and gossip. In fact, some Roman barbers became wealthy and influential, running shops that were favorite public locations of high society.

One of the first things Miriam comments on when she boards the Orion in The Deadliest Hate is the barbering of her host, her cousin Eli:

His face and the backs of his thick but manicured hands were hairless despite the dark mane foaming about his head, which caused me to wonder how many hours he must spend with his barber to wax, tweeze, and shave his body and facial hair. I figured by the time he reaches Byzantium, he’ll look like an overfed gorilla.

As soon as the Orion takes Miriam to Caesarea, she will have more to worry about than her cousin’s hairiness. Judean terrorists will be after her. Are you brave enough to accompany her? Besides, haven’t you been home long enough? If so, click here.


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