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A Random Event or Attempt at Murder?

In The Deadliest Hate, Phoebe and Miriam go to the Forum in Caesarea:

Buoyed along by the crowd, pressed against their sweaty bodies, Phoebe and I spilled into a marketplace artery only to lurch back on trampled toes to make way for a cavalryman patrolling the Forum in his red-crested helmet, leather cuirass, and red cloak. Wearing the mask of Roman authority, his features hard around young eyes, he was flanked by a pair of infantrymen, their swords hanging from their belts, their hobnail boots scraping the pavement as they prodded the crowd with their long staffs.

Little did Phoebe and Miriam know that a moment later chaos would erupt:

Ducking into the inky shade of a narrow alleyway, pulling Phoebe in behind me, I turned an instant later when I heard the savage howl of a stray dog and saw its yellow eyes aflame, its hackles up, its monstrous fangs bared. It lunged, its drool flying from its purple tongue and pendant lips as it nipped and then gnawed at the foreleg of the cavalryman's horse. Raising a plume of dust, swishing its tail, the horse reared up on its haunches, neighing and blowing and snorting in fright. Then, amid the drumming of its hooves and the ragged screams of the startled crowd...

Was this a random event or was the chaos staged to murder Miriam? I've told you that Judean assassins are out to get Miriam. Isn't it time to get to the bottom of it? Watch the book trailer to find out more, click here.


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