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How About A Brain Transplant?

We’ve reached the point of transplanting kidneys, livers, and other vital organs, but the brain transplant is still a dream. Or is it?

What I imagined in my story “The Deal” was not so much getting a new brain in my old body, but keeping my brain and transplanting it into the body of a glamorous young woman. That’s essentially the premise of my horror story, “The Deal,” published in the fall, 2020 issue of THE DARK SIRE, a quarterly literary magazine for enthusiasts of gothic, horror, fantasy, and psychological realism in short fiction, poetry, and art.

Do you dare to find out what could happen? Ruth and Sam, a loving couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, made a deal to do just that. Why not extend their years together? Having breakfast in their spacious New York City penthouse, Ruth comes across an article in the Leisure Section of the Sunday Times:

Twenty-three-year-old ingénue, Indira Adira, is favored to win the Oscar this evening for her role as Melanie Hamilton in the remake of the 1939 classic Gone with the Wind. Speculations abound that Ms. Adira is, for all intents and purposes, Dame Olivia herself as she renders to pitch-perfect perfection the role that made…

But the good doctors at NYU Medical Center know better. In a slip I had to swear on my mother’s eyes I’d keep secret, a surgeon-in-the-know divulged that two years ago, at the time of the aging actress’s disappearance, her brain was transplanted into the body of that beauty queen killed in the midnight crash on FDR Drive just north of Battery Park…

Of course, anyone today with five million bucks can have that same procedure at any of our great teaching hospit…

Okay. So, it’s not about Miriam bat Isaac, but if you too like to read short stories, then try out one of mine for free.


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