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Do You Have An Idea For A Novel?

If you feel passionate about an idea, you may have what it takes to write a novel. Better yet, can you sustain that interest over time? Although I first met my model for Miriam bat Isaac twenty years before I started to write about her, I never lost interest in who she was or what her world was like. I’d think about her when I’d stop for a traffic light or stand in line at the supermarket.


But maybe you’d like to write a novel but don’t yet have an idea. These days there are plenty of ideas on the internet. Try stories of local interest buried in small-town newspapers or use the internet to track down an idea. Just pick a general topic and follow up with specific articles about it. Since Miriam lived in Roman-occupied Alexandria during the first century CE, I began by reading about ancient Alexandria, its geography and history, its flora and fauna. Even if you decide to fictionalize your own experiences, you will do lots of research. In any case, dedicate a notebook to keep track of your research and ideas. Soon you’ll have plenty; some you’ll discard, but others you will elaborate.


And I spent time in bookstores perusing the how-to-write-a-novel books and those recently published in my genre. Even with a fruitful idea, you’ll need a how-to-book to guide you through the process and sense of the current market to have a saleable product. In addition, I acquired a writing handbook, dictionary, and thesaurus. Email me and I’ll send you the titles of the books I use. In any case, let me know about your journey along the way. Email me at I'm only a few keystrokes away.


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