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Isis was a major goddess in ancient Egypt. (See my blog of September 22, 2015.) Miriam mentions the importance of the cult in THE DEADLIEST LIE and describes worshipers heading for her temple:

Just as my litter was rounding the corner, another procession appeared, this one a motley parade of the crippled and the sick, each carrying a gift while casting a deformed shadow across the pavement. As they hobbled northward on the median strip of the Street of the Soma, I noticed among them one dull-eyed ashen man, hardly more than a crooked skeleton. Wincing as he leaned forward to support his tottering companion, he nevertheless offered him a tentative smile. As if in rehearsal, each for his own death, the troop was heading for the Temple of Isis on Pharos Island and the noon opening of its sanctuary for private prayer and meditation.

The obelisk and upright sarcophagus pictured here mark the entrance to a small Egyptian-style temple decorated with hieroglyphics. Aside from this smaller temple, there’s a larger Grand Temple, private zoo, and cluster of homes on a nine-acre property. The Isis Oasis residents will welcome you to their festivities, workshops, gardens, pool, hot tub, and restaurant named Mummy’s Kitchen.

Now can you guess where this Isis Oasis and Temple Retreat is? No? Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s in Geyserville, CA, and the photo I copied is from I gave away the answer here, but I cannot give away the answer to the puzzle in THE DEADLIEST LIE. The only way to find out who stole those high-stakes alchemical documents is to click here.

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