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Join Miriam at Zenon’s

In THE DEADLIEST THIEF, Miriam invites her sometimes-deputy, the itinerant potbellied dwarf, Nathaniel ben Rubin, to join her for his favorite snack, apricot tarts:

A mousy-haired knock-kneed waiter cut a clean line around the empty tables. Shouldering a tray of finger foods and beverages, he sailed right over. The glassware chinked as my guest grabbed a goblet of pomegranate wine sweetened with honey and pawed four apricot tarts and two hefty chunks of manouri, a creamy whey cheese from Macedonia. At the same time, a loose-jointed, freckle-faced girl placed before him a glass plate and a clutch of flatware wrapped in a cotton napkin. Ben Ruben scooped up an additional tart from the passing tray and popped it into his mouth before the waiter disappeared. Then he pulled in his goblet and plate, unfurled his napkin with a snap, and, while chewing open-mouthed, took a few moments to arrange his flatware. And then, like a desert nomad, he threw back the wine, smacked his lips, and leaned back while a rill ran down his chin.

Of course, Miriam had a reason for inviting him to join her. Find out why in THE DEADLIEST THIEF. Just click here, and then treat yourself to an apricot tart.

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