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Miriam Searches for Phoebe

Miriam had been to the Abandoned Village on Pharos Island before, but when she directs the bearers to take her there in THE DEADLIEST THIEF, it’s to search for her kidnapped best friend, Phoebe:

As a girl, I wanted to see the Abandoned Village that my tutor had told me about. Many of its houses had been ravaged by fire during one of the battles Julius Caesar fought with Cleopatra, but the entire village had to be abandoned when Caesar’s forces demolished the aqueduct that carried water to the island.

But this expedition was different. Instead of the thrill of exploration, I felt alarm clawing at my innards with every stride of the bearers. My longing to bring Phoebe home was matched by the dread of finding her body like a rotten melon in a soup of blood. So, the similarities between these two trips were only the salt-laden gusts that thrashed the weeds, the odor of raw seaweed that filled my nostrils, and the half-human screech of the gulls as they dove, wheeled, and soared over the harbor.

Yes, Miriam gets to the Abandoned Village, but I won’t tell you what she finds. Only that if you accompany her there, you may learn a lot about sleuthing. Buy your ticket to Miriam’s most baffling adventure yet. Just click here for either the paperback or e-book edition.

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