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Read One of the Nine Most Riveting Mysteries Set in the Distant Past

Catching criminals has always been difficult, but centuries ago, all sleuths had to go on were their wits and whatever clues the culprit left behind. Selected by Wiki Ezvid, The Deadliest Lie is one of the nine most riveting mysteries taking place in a bygone era.

Set during the days of the Roman Empire, it features Miriam bat Isaac, a clever investigator and renowned alchemist who tracks the culprit who stole from her home dangerous alchemical scrolls. When the scrolls containing the Alchemical League's formulas are stolen, it's up to her to figure out who took them. Unfortunately, the culprit may be one of her loved ones, and in order to recover the scrolls and reveal the identity of the thief, she must navigate the dangerous underbelly of Alexandria.

Do you have the nerve to accompany Miriam into Alexandria’s dangerous underbelly? You’ll find some romance along the way as she struggles between duty and desire. Just click here.

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