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Can You Smell the Fresh Barley Rolls?

Phoebe and I had gone hardly a block before succumbing to the aromas of fresh barley rolls and grilled meats wafting out of Otho’s Thermopolium, a modest cookshop on the northeast corner of the intersection. Phoebe went inside to claim a table while I eased in line to place our order at the street-side, marble-topped counter. Tradesmen, laborers, and produce venders still chalky with the dust they’d gathered leading their mule-drawn carts to the city gates jabbered to each other in their spiky dialects as we each waited our turn. Meanwhile I watched peddlers, street hawkers, and everyone else with a portable business vie for a location close to the Forum and set up their pushcarts, tables, awnings, and umbrellas in preparation for a river of customers. A few minutes later, my eyes followed a rush of pigeons descend on an alley overflowing with garbage, and then lowering my eyes, I saw a rat dart across the mica-grained, sun-flecked cobblestones into that same alley.

No wonder reviewers say: “Ms. Trop presents us once again with a virtual first-person 'eye-witness' account of Miriam's gripping experiences.... meticulous with every detail which gives the reader a 'you are there' feeling… a breathless adventure in a 2000-year-old setting without having to leave home…has romance and suspense as well as a satisfying mystery... in an authentic historical setting.... Your eyes will fly over the pages as you experience the conflicts, jealousies, and grudges of the all-too-human characters.’’

You too can have breakfast with Miriam and Phoebe for only 99 cents. The e-book for THE DEADLIEST HATE is on sale for Women’s History Month from March 1-15. Just hurry to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, or Google and click. For Amazon, click here.

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