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Did I hear a gasp?

I gasped when I entered the vaulted reading room, the Library’s largest and airiest hall. The beams of sunlight streaming through its arched clerestory windows were exploding into countless beads of light. Some splashed onto the fluted stone pillars and the bearded busts of the Library’s greatest scholars, who peered out from every niche. Others glinted off the marble walls and the rows of multicolored Alexandrine lamps. At the same time, secondary beams polished the long, narrow mahogany tables and warmed the finial-topped, leather-cushioned armchairs. The readers were scattered among the tables. Several sat back brooding over their scrolls while others hunched over their papyri furiously scratching notes. I lingered to watch them as if I could absorb their erudition by breathing in the hall’s scents of leather and tranquility.

Alas, the sight of the main reading room will not be the only spectacle to make Miriam gasp. Remember, she is searching for the set of high-stakes alchemical scrolls stolen from her home. Anyone found to be in possession of them would face certain death. Can she save the thief before it’s too late? A few clicks on The Deadliest Lie and you too will gasp when you, along with Miriam, confront the thief.

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