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Miriam Arrives in Caesarea

After five days at sea, Miriam arrives in Caesarea to trace an alchemical secret that has surfaced there:

My doldrums were relieved… when I heard above the wash of the sea the mournful screech of a lone gull spiraling overhead. A moment later, emerging through the portside doors onto the afterdeck, I saw a squadron of them wheeling above the deckhouse, dipping low, some settling fore, some aft, others flitting here and there, one already with a strip of blood-streaked meat hanging from its bill. Land at last! The long, slow curve of the shoreline was sliding toward us. Soon I’d see the Sebastos, the famous harbor Herod the Great built and named for his emperor, and be greeted at its gateway by six colossal statues, three starboard, three port, each portraying a member of Augustus’s family atop a column that would tower over the tallest mast.

And soon she’d see Judah. Would he be happy to see her? Not exactly. Find out why in THE DEADLIEST HATE.

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