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Watch for the release of THE DEADLIEST HATE

The Deadliest Hate is set primarily in first-century CE Caesarea where Miriam is invited to attend first a reception at the Upper Palace and then the games in the stadium. She can hardly refuse.

She wished she had, however. In Chapter 20, she recognizes one of the gladiators as her twin brother, Binyamin, who, as a retiarius, fights without a helmet, only a trident and circular net.

With a caustic stream and violent gag rolling up her gorge, Miriam watches Binyamin brandish his net as he darts in and out, evading his opponent’s dagger, poised to drive home his trident, casting his net, missing his target, pulling the cord to snatch it back, rushing in again, dragging rather than lifting his sandaled feet across the sand to maintain his traction.

But the worst is yet to come when she tries to leave the stadium. Don’t let her out of your sight. Watch for the release of The Deadliest Hate in September.

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