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In THE DEADLIEST HATE, Miriam sails from Alexandria to Caesarea on a corbita, a wide-bellied, basket-shaped Roman cargo ship, to trace the provenance of an alchemical recipe that has surfaced there. The recipe is dangerous because the first-century CE Roman authorities in Judea have already crucified tens of thousands of Jews and would take special delight in crucifying a few more on the pretext that they've been conspiring to debase the emperor's currency.

In Miriam’s time, there were no passenger ships. Rather voyagers boarded cargo ships that carried perhaps several hundred passengers incidentally. Accordingly, a passenger had to bring servants along with a tent to pitch on deck, mattresses, bedding, and pots and pans as well as food, wine, and other supplies to be replenished at the next port.

Fortunately—or unfortunately—Miriam and her faithful servant Phoebe are the guests of Miriam’s cousin Eli on his father’s ship, the Orion. Although they have lavish accommodations in his deckhouse, they also have to contend with him.

Be there to help Miriam deal with Cousin Eli. Follow these posts, and then in September, order the paperback or Kindle version of THE DEADLIEST HATE. In the meantime, prepare yourself. Read THE DEADLIEST LIE, which can be ordered right now on either Amazon or this website, and plan for a late night.

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