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What does it feel like to enter the arena knowing you could die?

In THE DEADLIEST HATE, the second book in the Miriam bat Isaac series, Binyamin, Miriam’s brother and the type of gladiator known as a retiarius, enters the arena to fight Orcus, the most popular secutor in the Empire.

The contest between a retiarius and secutor was the most popular match of the gladiatorial games. The retiarius, the only type of gladiator to fight without a helmet, uses just a trident and a circular net. The secutor fights with a short sword, shield, and armor, but his helmet both protects him from and exposes him to the retiarius’s net. Enclosing the secutor’s entire head, the surface of the helmet is smooth so the net slides off easily, but its tiny eyeholes narrow his field of vision. So the secutor has to get well within the range of the net to attack his opponent.

THE DEADLIEST HATE will be coming out this spring. It’s better though not necessary to read the books in order. That way you can see Miriam’s character and life unfold. So get your copy of THE DEADLIEST LIE now and then you’ll be ready for THE DEADLIEST HATE.

To see more about both books, go to

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