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How would you like to stay at The Pegasus?

By the first century CE, the ports and roads of the Roman Empire were humming with commercial travelers, government personnel, military units, public entertainers, and tourists, all likely to stop at one of the many inns. Usually named for an animal, thing, or deity, these inns were easy to recognize during the day with their street-front bars and gaily decorated, often erotic murals, but a traveler could even spot them at night by the light over their door.

Miriam is called to The Pegasus, a sleazy inn along the waterfront in the claustrophobic underbelly of Alexandria. As she makes her way along the inn’s foot-worn, dust-fouled walkway, she is accompanied by the creaking overhead branches of its towering plane trees. After passing through the rusty iron gate, she skirts around the street-front bar and comes upon the mural on the inn’s façade of Bellerophon riding the white, winged Pegasus. Then, swallowing hard, she ventures through the scarred oak door that cuts through the stallion’s wing and enters the inn’s long-neglected public room.

You too will enter the public room at The Pegasus when you accompany Miriam bat Isaac on one of her life-or-death exploits.


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