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Who Were The Gorgon Sisters?

Initially, the Gorgons were described as three powerful winged demons, with swine-like tusks, talons for feet, an iconic head of hair made from snakes, and sometimes even a short stubbly beard.

In The Deadliest Lie, when Miriam is about to tell a whopper to Judah, she is rebuked by an image of one of the Gorgon sisters. Miriam tells us: “One of Homer’s Gorgons materialized before me, baring her fangs, seizing me with her terrible gaze, and turning my pale courage to stone.”

The Gorgon sisters were not a singing group. In fact, their name comes from the Greek word gorgos, meaning grim and dreadful. They were three sisters from early Greek literature who had hair made of living venomous snakes and faces so horrible that anyone who saw them turned to stone.

Traditionally, two of the sisters, Stheno and Euryale, were immortal and extremely ugly, whereas Medusa was born human and possessed great beauty. Their images have evolved, however. So much so that they barely resemble the original stories of them within Greek mythology.

Fortunately, the Gorgon retracted her brazen claws and calmed her mane of venomous snakes before Miriam's meeting with Judah was over. But do not count on being calmed when you read The Deadliest Lie. It was selected by Wiki Ezvid as one of the nine most riveting mysteries set in the distant past. To watch the book trailer, just click here.


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