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That Crazed Tyrant, Part One

The Miriam bat Isaac stories in The Deadliest Deceptions take place during the reign of Nero, the fifth emperor of Rome. So, while Miriam and Phoebe wrestle with scoundrels capable of the deadliest deceptions, perhaps we should learn a little more about the deadly exploits of Nero himself.

Nero Claudius Caesar ruled from 54 CE—at the tender age of 16—to 68 CE and was arguably even worse than his uncle Caligula, the third Roman emperor.

He allegedly had his stepbrother Britannicus killed, his wife Octavia executed, his mother Agrippina murdered, and in a fit of outrage, personally kicked to death his lover Poppaea while she was pregnant with his child. He is also said to have married two different men and slept with his mother. But perhaps he is best remembered for the fire that consumed a sizable portion of Rome in the year 64 when, in misplaced retribution, he executed scores of early Christians, some brutalized by dogs, others burned at the stake.

Next week we’ll consider the question as to whether we can count on these stories of his murders and sexcapades as being true. In the meantime, run—do not walk—to order The Deadliest Deceptions, where you’ll encounter even more stories of scandalous murders in the malignant alleys of Alexandria, the city second only to Rome in its splendor and filth. Just click here.

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