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That Crazed Tyrant, Part Two

If asked to think of a single individual who epitomizes the decadence, destruction, and debauchery of Ancient Rome, the name Nero would surely come to mind. But are the stories about him true? Did he actually have an incestuous relationship with his mother? Some scholars say no. They say these stories derive solely from rumors, and sociologists say that rumors develop when people do not have good information for an event. Rumors are their only way to explain what actually happened.

Besides, people love to speculate about the sex lives of their rulers. Some historians explain the rumors of Nero’s relationship with his mother as a way to account for her great influence on his reign. They believed that the only way a woman could have such an influence was through the sexual bond. Indeed, the coin pictured here makes Agrippina look like Nero’s equal.

Others attribute the persistence of the rumors to the entertainment folks derive from these corrupt conceptions of ancient Rome and its emperors. These rumors make the past seem strange and unfamiliar, although the same problems exist today.

But understand, the stories of Miriam and Phoebe in the underbelly of Alexandria are not derived from rumor but the twisted mind of a crazy old lady who entertains herself by imagining these adventures. You too can entertain yourself with stories of decadence, destruction, and debauchery in the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series. Just click here.


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