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Let's Celebrate

Miriam tells us in “The Revenge” how she and Phoebe celebrated the Vernal Equinox:

We were in the Flamingo’s Tongue about to peruse the luncheon menu when I let out a shriek. Even a stifled yawn would have been uncouth in this, our most fashionable restaurant east of the causeway to Pharos Island. But a shriek? Boorish under any circumstances but especially today, the Vernal Equinox, when our table was pressed against those of other revelers who, spicing their food with merriment, were celebrating the return of life and the official opening of our sailing season.

So why on such a festive occasion did Miriam shriek? All I will tell you is that she saw something in the harbor. On this, the beginning of the sailing season, she saw a ship—okay, it was the Oceanus. And she remembered working on a harrowing case seven years earlier that involved that ship.

“The Revenge” is one of the stories to be released this fall in the next Miriam bat Isaac book called The Deadliest Deceptions. It is the story of two cousins dying suddenly from the same familial illness. Or did they? Miriam, with the help of Professor Jason, the physician at Alexandria’s famed medical school, has a different idea. Perhaps it was the case of a love triangle and a thirst for revenge that smoldered for years.

Fortunately, you will not have to smolder for years, just weeks. The Deadliest Deceptions, a book of nine stories including “The Revenge”, will be out this fall. To find the announcement and another book to read in the meantime, just click here.


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