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Riveting Mysteries Set in the Distant Past

Wiki Ezvid names The Deadliest Lie one of the nine most riveting mysteries set in the distant past.

What does Wiki Ezvid say about mysteries set in the distant past?

Whodunits that take place in bygone eras can be even more suspenseful than modern tales because of the lack of advanced technology, which leaves sleuths with only their wits to solve complex crimes. If you're looking for stories where detectives and spies must rely on primitive techniques in order to stop diabolical villains, then read a mystery set in the distant past.

What does Wiki Ezvid say about The Deadliest Lie?

Miriam bat Isaac is an alchemist with a knack for solving mysteries. When the scrolls containing the Alchemical League's formulas are stolen, it's up to her to figure out who took them. Unfortunately, the culprit may be one of her loved ones, and in order to recover the scrolls and reveal the identity of the thief, she must navigate the dangerous underbelly of Alexandria.

Which other mysteries does Wiki Ezvid name (in no particular order)?

Rome: The Art of War M.C. Scott

Shades of Time Sarah Woodbury

The Chef’s Secret Crystal King

The Throne of Caesar Steven Saylor

Temple of the Grail Adriana Koulias

The Sheriff’s Catch James Vella-Bardon

Michelangelo & the Morgue Joanne Lewis

Dark Queen Rising Paul Doherty

Where can I enjoy a five-minute a video about these nine ancient mysteries?


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