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In THE DEADLIEST FEVER, Miriam wonders about Omar and Naarah:

What a curious match. Only a nascent double chin and an asymmetry about his mouth keeps Omar from being classically handsome. I can imagine women captivated by his oily magnetism following his muscular frame with their eyes and gossiping about him behind their curved palms. Naarah, on the other hand, is an anemic young woman with a congenitally twisted spine as if she alone bears the burdens of the world on her hunched back. Still, her heart-shaped face with its refined pointed features and frame of curly flaxen hair radiate a childlike sweetness.

Science Editor Sarah Knapton calls this theory that opposites attract a myth. Scientists find that people are attracted to only those who hold their same views and values. In a finding hailed as a paradigm shift for understanding relationships, she quotes researchers who say that like-minded people are drawn together but keep their distance from those who do not adhere to their beliefs. My question is opposites in what? Values are not the same as interests. How important are common interests? Temperaments?

Anyway, are Omar and Naarah really in love, or does at least one of them harbor an ulterior motive? Of course, not all motives are criminal, are they? But some are, right? Find out for yourself about this opposite business. E-mail me at if you’re willing to write an honest review in exchange for a free copy of the e-book.

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