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It’s time now for that assessment! Answer the questions and then check your answers in my next newsletter, coming November 24th. You haven’t subscribed yet? Just go to, click on my HOME page, scroll down, and sign up. It’s free, you can cancel at any time, and it comes out only three times a year. Besides, you’ll get the first word on new releases, sales, contests, and giveaways. And your data is safe with me.

1. The main boulevard in Alexandria was the

(a) Street of the Soma, (b) Bruchium, (c) Rakotis, (d) Canopic Way.

2. The most famous school for gladiators was in

(a) Ephesus, (b) Capua, (c)Tarsus, (d) Caesarea.

3. Which is FALSE? Miriam’s servant Phoebe

(a) had been abandoned as an infant, (b) married a roustabout,

(c) was like an older sister to Miriam, (d) liked dining at The Flamingo’s Tongue.

4. Alchemists pursued transforming

(a) gold into bronze, (b) silver into gold, (c) copper into gold, (d) fool’s gold into real gold.

5. Aunt Hannah was

(a) Cousin Eli’s mother, (b) Miriam’s late mother’s sister, (c) Miriam’s father’s sister,

(d) Phoebe’s aunt.

6. Miriam’s brother was named

(a) Nathaniel, (b) Isaac, (c) Gershon, (d) Amram, (e ) Binyamin.

7. Alexander’s Tomb was located in the

(a) Soma, (b) Serapeum, (c) Park of Pan, (d) Pharos Lighthouse.

8. Judah’s parents were

(a) Ruth and Saul, (b) Ruth and Eran, (c) Dinah and Saul, (d) Dinah and Eran.

9. Most of the stories take place in

(a) Ephesus, (b) Alexandria, (c) Caesarea, (d) Rome.

10. Miriam’s mother’s family lost its fortune due to

(a) piracy, (b) gambling, (c) storms at sea, (d) alchemy.

Now, don't forget to check your answers !!!

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