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In ancient Egypt, mummification was a way to provide a place for the person’s spirit to return after death. The process began with the evisceration of the body. All internal organs were removed except the heart, which was thought to be the seat of intelligence.

The first organ removed was the brain. Egyptians did not know the purpose of the brain, so they thought it was a waste of space. In my blog of August 25, 2015, I wrote the embalmers would insert a sharp object into the nostrils to break into the cranium and draw out pieces of the brain with an iron hook. Then the skull would be filled with plant-based resins to prevent decay.

But modern researchers have proved otherwise, that instead of an iron hook, a rod was used to whip the brain into a liquid and then drain it out through the nose. But you have nothing to worry about. As Miriam explains in THE DEADLIEST LIE, she lives in the finest residential district in the city: “We’re on the coast and farthest from the main necropolis.” In fact, you can read all the Miriam bat Isaac books without an accidental mummification or the stench of the embalming workshops. Just click here.

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