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Kibotos in Greek means box. The hotel pictured here gets its name from its box-shaped waterfront. But Miriam was not referring to this resort on Mykonos. Instead, when she explained that during the summer as a young girl she would be treated to a daytrip on a ship leaving from the Kibotos, she was referring to Alexandria’s small, box-shaped inner port in its western harbor.

From the Kibotos, we’d pass through the canal to serve the string of ports along the marshy banks of Lake Mareotis. I’d watch the sky slide by; listen to the water slap the sides of the ship; and feel the breeze ruffle my hem, tickle the back of my neck, and tangle my hair, all the while imagining miniature villages of fish living in stone palaces beneath the shallows.

Alexandria was second only to Rome in splendor. Come visit Alexander’s tomb, the Park of Pan, the Great Synagogue, the Museum and Library, as well as the agora in THE DEADLIEST LIE. For a preview click here.

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