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Did you ever have a question you were dying to ask?

When I saw Kreskin’s review of THE DEADLIEST LIE, I wanted to ask whether he predicted who the thief was before opening the book. He is after all the Western World’s foremost mentalist. Instead, I’ll ask you whether you could predict who the thief was before reaching the end of the book.

Highlights of the Amazing Kreskin's review of THE DEADLIEST LIE:

“Miriam, the character that you’ve created, is absolutely enchanting. You bring her to life very dramatically throughout the book… Aside from her searching for the scrolls, she entwines the lives of others around her.

“You have taken an action thriller and set it in ancient times. All the characters, good and bad, are strong and one gets a feeling of life in ancient Egypt.

“I had to let you know that your book is filled with wonderfully graphic genuinely impacting scenes and not simply descriptions and words on a sheet of paper… You’ve left me eager to read the second volume.”

All authors love high praise, but honest reviews are most important. Aside from giving the author a sense of what worked, they tell prospective buyers what they can expect. For more on how your review helps an author, please see my blog of October 31, 2017. I read all the reviews personally so I can make my next book even better. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

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