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The Miriam bat Isaac novels are set in Alexandria (lower right), and you’ll hear about Rome (upper left), but you’ll be going to Caesarea (eastern end of the Mediterranean) in The Deadliest Hate. In The Deadliest Fever (scheduled for release in 2018), you’ll witness a jewel heist in Ephesus (on the west coast of Asia Minor across the Aegean Sea from Greece), and you’ll meet a roustabout from Tarsus. One sorry acquaintance described him this way:

Big. Just big, bigger than me. And dark. Yes, dark. He looked something like me but with a sloping forehead. Oh yeah, and his eyes were set deep in his skull. Deep and dark. At first it looked like he had no eyes at all just two holes where his eyes should have been. He was from Tarsus but on the run, hiding out in Ephesus. Glad to get away, he was.

Caesarea, Ephesus, and Tarsus flourished under Roman rule. Caesarea was built under Herod the Great and became the provincial capital of Roman Judea. Augustus made Ephesus rather than Pergamum the capital of western Asia Minor. And Tarsus, an important intellectual center, became the capital of the Roman province of Cilicia.

Come with Miriam so you can taste and smell life in these great first-century CE cities.

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