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Long lost treasures have been discovered off the coast of Egypt, about 20 miles northeast of Alexandria, artifacts like red granite statues of gods and goddesses standing fifteen feet tall, gold and gems, and enormous tablets. Take a look at this bronze statue of the Egyptian god Osiris reflected in a diver’s mask, one of the many finds significant to the historical preservation community.

Egyptians identified Osiris as the god of the afterlife, in particular the god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration. Miriam mentions Osiris, the dismembered brother and husband of Isis in THE DEADLIEST LIE. During the Fall Festival, a reenactment of Isis’s search for the strewn body of Osiris, Egyptians believe her tears over his death account for the annual flooding of the Nile. (For more about Isis, see my blog of Sept 22, 2015.)

Want to know more? Then read Chapter 5 of THE DEADLIEST LIE. What? You don’t have it yet? Then just click here.

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