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Which Single Event Most Shaped Your Future?

In THE DEADLIEST LIE, Miriam explains why her palms dampen whenever she passes the grove of marble columns that fronts the Great Gymnasium:

I’d recall the pankration competition in the Gymnasium’s school for combative sports. My twin brother, Binyamin, had his very first bout there shortly after entering ephebic training, the Gymnasium’s physical and academic preparation for young men of privilege. During the bout, he distinguished himself as an accomplished athlete against another ephebe, Titus, who along with Binyamin, had just had his long, childhood hair shorn at their induction ceremony.

At first, they seemed well matched, the fair, husky Titus hammering Binyamin’s face with a few left jabs, a thread of blood squiggling from Binyamin’s eyebrow, Titus driving his fists into Binyamin’s midriff, and Binyamin pounding him with some solid body punches. But then Binyamin caught him with a sudden left hook to the jaw, a straight right to the nose that snapped his head back, and a strangle hold that sent him to the mat. Permanently. Binyamin’s face froze in numbed disbelief and my father’s foam-flecked lips twisted in horror. A mass of oozing wounds was all that remained of Binyamin’s schoolmate.

Not only do Miriam’s palms dampen whenever she passes the Gymnasium, but she comes to see how this single event had the greatest influence on Binyamin’s future. But finding out for you will be a lot easier than it was for Miriam. Just read THE DEADLIEST LIE. Start with a click here.

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