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Get along better in Roman Alexandria

Wanna get along better in Roman Alexandria? One way, of course, is to read the thrill-packed historical adventures in the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series. You’re only a click away. But in addition, there are two other ways:

1. Visit the BLOG page of my website!blog/c22je for my weekly pieces crammed with vital information and shady gossip on palaces

and tombs, alchemy and mummification, fashion and jewelry, quizzes (not too hard) and language, diet and medicine, gladiators and the arena, tourist sites and sleazy inns. (You can also find my blogs on Facebook at June Trop Author.)


2. Visit the HOME page of my website to sign up for my FREE

news-e-letter, about three issues per year brimming with news of Miriam bat Isaac’s

latest action-packed exploits as well as giveaways, contests, and sales. (Hurry. The next

issue is coming out soon.)

In other words, you’re only a click away from getting along better in Roman Alexandria.

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