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Miriam bat Isaac is the protagonist in my mystery series set in first-century CE Roman Egypt. Though fictive, she is modeled after what is known of Maria Hebrea, the legendary founder of Western alchemy and the most famous woman of the Western world for 1500 years.

Alchemy was a legitimate early science based on the theories of Aristotle. The goals were to transmute base metals such as iron and copper into silver and gold and, more important, to discover the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance that when ingested would have the capacity to heal, rejuvenate, and extend human life.

Aside from being an alchemist, Miriam is an intrepid sleuth. In The Deadliest Lie, she recovers a set of high-stakes alchemical scrolls; in The Deadliest Hate, she uses her knowledge of alchemy to expose a deranged assassin; and in The Deadliest Sport (coming next), she penetrates a monstrous, multi-layered scheme and risks her life to expose the mastermind behind it.

Miriam bat Isaac is a worthy representation of Maria Hebrea. To learn more about them both, click here:!miriam-bat-isaac/c19ai


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