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Take a walk with me along the Canopic Way.

The Canopic Way is Alexandria’s longest and most impressive boulevard, running east to west from the Gate of the Sun to the Gate of the Moon. Come stroll with me along the torch-lined, five-mile length, past the marble colonnades and arcaded galleries, the stone sphinxes and monuments, and the polished facades of our most imposing buildings. But be sure to sidestep the bearers of sedan chairs and curtained litters and the multitude of soldiers, their faces carved in stone, their red-crested helmets an ever-present symbol of the power of Rome. And don’t forget to dodge the tide of bullying chariots, mule-drawn wagons, groaning oxcarts, and rumbling drays. We might have to zigzag through a drove of pigs, a camel caravan, or a crush of shoppers, but we’ll be safe from the thugs and thieves lurking in the twisting alleys of the more remote neighborhoods. Want to know how to get there? Just go to my homepage and click where is says Order a Copy. I'll be waiting for you.

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