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Online Reviews of The Deadliest Fever




"Trop (The Deadliest Sport, 2017, etc.) lends depth and familiarity to an ancient world and adds modern thriller sensibilities in this latest historical mystery novel, the fourth in the series... Trop's prose is strong, with clean, natural dialogue and a particular flair for the kinetic details of action scenes and the dramatics of disguise and investigation.... A historic page-turner that promises to bring fans new and old to the table."-- Kirkus Reviews





> This is the 4th book in the Miriam bat Isaac "Deadliest" series and may prove to be the most surprising. This time our story begins in the darkness of the sanctum sanctorum of the Great Jewish Synagogue in Ancient Alexandria. Someone is desperately trying to carefully untie the threading of the sacred mantle that tops the holy Torah. The purpose of this secretive activity was later thought to be an attempt to obtain the most precious jewels contained therein which purportedly came from the Temple of Solomon. However, a thorough examination of the mantle reveals that the jewels are still there and prove to be genuine. Was the would-be thief interrupted before the jewels could be taken? Why was blood and oil also discovered all over the reader's table, floor, and elsewhere in the sanctuary where the Torah was kept? What has the Artemision Treasure associated with the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus -- one of the Wonders of the Ancient World -- to do with the peculiar event that took place in Alexandria? What role does a rabid bat play in the unfolding mystery? Why does Miriam have to disguise herself and go undercover to help solve the mystery surrounding the jewels that were not taken?

While there may seem to be less violence in The Deadliest Fever than its predecessors, there is plenty of menace. It also has some of the breadth of The Deadliest Hate which took us to Caesarea. More and more Miriam bat Isaac appears to have become an ancient version of amateur sleuth Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote fame. She is also relentless, like an ancient Vera, in her determination and pursuit of justice. Ms. Trop has created another page turner.

> The Deadliest Fever by June Trop reunites us with Miriam bat Isaac, an alchemist and amateur sleuth in Alexandria in the first century CE. This time, she becomes alarmed when the mantle of the Torah in the Great Synagogue is damaged, even though the jewels are still there. Convinced they have been stolen and replaced with fakes, Miriam takes the mantle to Judah, a renowned jeweler and the man she secretly loves, who tells her that the jewels are real. He repairs the mantle, but Miriam believes the mischief isn’t over. Someone is up to no good, and she is determined to stop them. The Deadliest Fever takes us back in time to when Alexandria was in its prime, its library and Great Synagogue pristine. With her vivid descriptions, realistic and sympathetic characters, fast-paced action, and solid plot, it will captivate you all the way through.


> A fast paced and entertaining historical mystery. I loved the historical settings and I was engripped by the plot that kept me guessing till the end. There're some historical inaccuracies but they can be noted if you know the topic. I will surely look for the other installment in this series. Recommended! Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.


> June Trop loves words and with them carefully crafts descriptions that not only create vivid images of first century Alexandria but also the sound and odor of that world. The plot is clever but the words move it along. I read the first Mariam Bat Isaac mystery--I'm glad to see the tedious parallel descriptions have transformed to skilled and appropriate descriptive language. I'm looking forward to going back to read the second and third mysteries I have missed.


> The latest in the Miriam Bat Isaac series is another page turner! Chock-full of accurate historical references, Ms Trop has outdone herself with both her research and her story-telling! When is the next one coming out????




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