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I'm scheduling events now for 2020. If you're in a book club or would like to plan a fundraiser or after-dinner program for your organization or community, send a message to If you're within 70 miles of New Paltz, NY, I'll come personally. If you’re farther away, I’ll come virtually. No charge, of course, in either case.

Recent Past  Events


June was invited back to Chat and Spin for another interview with Ron Clark. Perhaps it was jet lag, but she had a little trouble remembering the award for her latest Miriam bat Isaac Mystery, The Deadliest Thief ! But a good-natured laugh filled the space.


You can listen to a replay of her brief interview here:

The interview is on SATURDAY, 10TH OCTOBER, SATURDAY WEEKEND SHOW (PART 2B). The interview runs from 1.28.10 through 1.32.34.

If you’d like to be on the program, just email me, and I will send you the contact information:


Warren Lawrence (with a voice of honey) interviewed June on his radio show “Warren in the Morning” on WKNY 1490 AM.


June told about her latest Miriam bat Isaac novel, THE DEADLIEST THIEF, but avoided answering questions about the ending, which has been shocking readers all over the country.  The book was a finalist for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for best mystery of 2019.


June was in the UK, only virtually, of course. She was a guest on Chat and Spin, a radio program of music and interviews of authors, artists, and performers.


She tells the audience about her books, how she came to create them, and where to get them. “I spoke extra slowly,” she said, “because I wanted to make sure they could understand my American accent.”     


Listen here:

The interview is on  MONDAY 17TH AUGUST, MONDAY'S EVENING & LATE SHOW  (PART 2). The interview runs from 23.56 through 29.42.

The Deadliest Thief is featured on Nigel Bird’s Sea Minor.

UK crime writer, teacher, and Sea Minor blogger, Nigel Bird featured June’s The Deadliest Thief in an interview with the sorry wife of the only surviving thief of the heist in Ephesus.


“It’s not safe to give you my name,” she says, “just know me as the wife of Pytheus. My husband was one of the three men who, during the spring of the seventh year of the Reign of Nero, broke into the Temple of Artemis, made off with a king’s ransom in gems, and escaped on the Thalia to Alexandria.”


She has plenty more to tell you about her brute of a husband on condition that her name is not revealed. Just click here.

50 Authors from 50 States


June represented the State of New York on award-wining author Annette Snyder’s blog with images of the Mid-Hudson Valley while telling about her latest novel, The Deadliest Thief. The image, created by Daniel Case, is taken of a rock climber. New Paltz, NY is a favorite spot for rock climbers in the East.


Take a look here:

Using Blood Spatters as Evidence in Ancient Rome


Miriam uses blood spatters to solve the “locked-room murder” in THE DEADLIEST SPORT. June told Paty Jager in “Ladies of Mystery” about the first recorded case of a Roman jurist using the evidence of blood spatters to clear his blind client from the charge of murdering his father. Just click here:


Yvonne Mason is a licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia and the author of many true crime books. She is also the host of OFF THE CHAIN ONLINE RADIO for BlogTalkRadio in which she interviews authors, artists, and as she says, “a menagerie of characters.” June was one of those characters on Friday June 12th, 8pm EDT. To listen to the interview, click here



Would you believe June began to think about creating Miriam bat Isaac over thirty years ago when a book fell on her toe? Not her head but her toe? Find out what happened on that desperate day when June looked toward the heavens for an inspiration. Just click here:



It was not safe for Dru’s guest to give you her name, but she told you plenty about her husband, Pytheus, one of the three men who, during the spring of the Seventh Year of the Reign of Nero, broke into the Temple of Artemis, made off with a king’s ransom in gems, and escaped on the Thalia to Alexandria. And believe me, that was just the beginning! 

Miriam, or course, can tell you more about this scoundrel in THE DEADLIEST THIEF. But get the low-down from his wife first. Just go to Dru’s Book Musings, click here, and scroll down:



Let bestselling author Debbi Mack be your source for great stories of mystery, suspense, and noir. You can watch the videos or listen to her podcasts as she interviews top crime writers.


For June's interview, just click here for the video

and for the podcast, click here: 





Jacqueline interviewed June about writing, especially a mystery, and THE DEADLIEST THIEF, her latest book in the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series.


Just grab a cup of coffee, and beginning on February 28th, go to


On Monday, February 17, June shared a latte with you as she told about her latest Miriam bat Isaac thriller, THE DEADLIEST THIEF.


Kirkus says:
“The multifaceted mystery is intriguing, with engaging characters… but the real strength of Trop’s atmospherically rich book lies in her ability to transport her audience to a distant time and place… Vibrant imagery and an entertaining plot ending with a most unexpected twist.”


So, come on over! Just click here:, scroll down to February 17th, and you're there. Don't forget her new book has a twist guaranteed to surprise.  

Is June Baking Muffins?



No, June is not baking muffins. Boiling water is her limit. But she has cooked up some tips for readers of Fresh News Daily’s “Friday Speak Out!”


On January 24, she wrote about “Memorable First Lines”. On February 7, she wrote “Are you a Plotter or a Pantser?” On February 14, she wrote about “Using Flashbacks.” And on March 6, she wrote about how to watch soap operas to become a better writer.


Just grab a muffin, click here:,  and scroll down to the date of the post.


Are You a Plotter or a Pantser?



Find out from June, Plotter extraordinaire,  whether you are a Plotter or a Pantser and what happened to her when she leaned a little toward being a Pantser.


Location: Click here and scroll way down to June’s column for Friday Speak Out!.


Hannah, an avid reader from Dorset, UK, has a passion for crime fiction. And so she  interviewed June. 


To read all about June, her latest book, her advice for aspiring writers, and how she turns an idea into a book,

Just click here:



June made her third appearance on the Authors-First Radio Show on the Artist First Radio Network to celebrate the publication of her fifth and latest Miriam bat Isaac mystery, THE DEADLIEST THIEF.


Listen as she tells you about Miriam’s latest case, when her best friend Phoebe is kidnapped. Let her take you into the underbelly of the most splendid city in the ancient Mediterranean world to find her friend. 

To listen to the podcast, click here:




Lucy V Hay invited June to tell mystery lovers her top three. In addition to script reading and writing her own novels, Lucy also blogs about the writing process, screenwriting, genres, careers and motivation, and much more on her blog Bang2write, one of the most popular writing sites in the UK. So, June jumped at the chance. Just click here to find her choices:


Readers and Writers Meet at the Brooklyn Book Festival



More than 40,000 readers roamed the stalls at New York City’s largest free literary event. They enjoyed shopping among millions of books, visiting with favorite authors, getting plenty of bargains, and grabbing up lots of swag on a glorious September day.


You weren’t there? Then be sure to meet me next year at the Mystery Writers of America booth at Brooklyn Borough Hall and vicinity.


Murder at The Harlem Book Fair


On the hottest day of the summer, June represented the Mystery Writers of America at the Harlem Book Fair, W. 125 th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. “Yes, the weather was murder, but who could resist an opportunity to meet other mystery writers and readers.”




June confessed all to Samantha, including a guilty pleasure, gave some hard-earned advice to aspiring writers, and revealed where she gets her murderous idea.

It’s not too late to be a fly on the wall. Just grab a scone and click here:


A Life of Crime



Daria Anne interviewed June on her live program Your Book Your Brand Your Business on radio. They spoke about June’s books, her characters, and her life of crime. June has been invited back when THE DEADLIEST THIEF comes out in 2019.



June showed slides and read from her books to bring her audience to experience Jewish life in the first-century CE Roman Alexandria. She spoke about the practice of alchemy, the sights of the city including the size and splendor of the Great Synagogue, and the Alexandrian Riots of 38 CE.

18 Park Avenue

Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

A Day in the Life of Miriam bat Isaac


Miriam bat Isaac gave us an account of a day in her life but prefaced it with these words: “I am willing to describe my day as long as you swear by Aletheia to keep my work a secret. Times are dangerous here in Roman Alexandria during this, the first century of the Common Era. I am an alchemist…”


What else did MIriam say?


Just go to Dru’s Book Musings

Gladiator Games: The Deadliest Sport in Roman Alexandria?

June was the after-dinner speaker at Woodland Pond, New Paltz, NY for The Paltz Club. She spoke about the deadly sports in Roman Alexandria: chariot racing, gladiator games, and of course, murder.



Be a fly on the wall as Lucy  V. Hay interviews June about her books, her writing routine, her favorite authors, and why she writes crime fiction. Lucy is the accomplished novelist, script editor, and blogger who hosts CRIMINALLY GOOD.


You can access the interview here:

Miriam bat Isaac (and June) went to the UK to be featured on Nigel Bird’s blog Sea Minor.

Go back to the first century CE Roman Alexandria and be a fly on the wall in Zenon’s café as Concordia interviews Miriam—that is until Miriam spots a man with a dagg—  


Well, you’ll have to find out the rest for yourself.

Just go to


Watch a video podcast conversation with June and Leadville Laurel, host of Alligator Preserves. Laurel McHargue, the award-winning author from Leadville, Colorado, is a 1983 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Click on 1 of the 3 links to enjoy the broadcast:


To listen to the podcast: 

         Alligator Preserves Episode 38: June Trop, Woman of Mystery


To listen to the podcast and view an outline of the broadcast: 

          June Trop, Woman of Mystery


To watch the video on YouTube:

         YouTube Video of June Trop Interview


June made her second guest appearance on The Authors-First Radio Show on the Artist First Radio Network. Celebrate with her the publication of her fourth and latest Miriam bat Isaac Mystery, THE DEADLIEST FEVER, set in first-century CE Roman Alexandria.


Listen to how the bite of a rabid bat presents Miriam with her only clue to discover the connections among a jewel heist in Ephesus, the death of a sea captain, and the desecration of a Torah mantle in the city’s Great Synagogue.


Join June for a 50-minute, commercial-free podcast. Just go to, scroll down the center of the page to 9/7 7P, and then click on the name June Trop.

You can still go to the Write Way Café

June celebrated the publication of THE DEADLIEST FEVER at the Write Way Café. You can still read about the rabid bat, the death of a hard-breathing sea captain, and an audacious jewelry heist, but they’ve already run out of croissants. Click here to catch up on all you missed (except for the croissants):


Warren Lawrence with a voice like honey interviewed June on WARREN IN THE MORNING, WKNY Radio Kingston, 1490 AM. He asked her about her Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series, the characters, and why she writes mysteries. She told him that aside from creating a world where justice triumph, she enjoys crafting mysteries so that all the clues are there, but the reader still cannot solve the mystery ahead of the protagonist.


Yvonne Mason is a licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia and the author of many true crime books. She is also the host of OFF THE CHAIN ONLINE RADIO for BlogTalkRadio in which she interviews authors, artists, and as she says, “a menagerie of characters.” June was one of those characters. To listen to the interview, click here. 


It was a beautiful spring day at Temple B’nai Shalom for June’s fourth visit to the West Orange, NJ chapter of Hadassah. She spoke about the diet, medicines, homes and gardens of first-century CE Roman-occupied Alexandria to celebrate the publication of her latest Miriam bat Isaac Mysteries, THE DEADLIEST SPORT and THE DEADLIEST FEVER. Before she’d finished the slides on the topiary and rose gardens, they’d invited her back for next year’s end-of-the-season meeting!

Temple B’nai Shalom

300 Pleasant Valley Way

West Orange, NJ 07052

A Trip to Roman Alexandria

Here I am setting up for my talk in the beautiful Steinberg Reading Room of the Elting Memorial Library. I have four “deadliest” books to display now! I’m about to plug in the projector and lower the screen. Next, I’ll set up the chairs and be ready to welcome my guests.


I want to thank my friends for coming out to hear my talk on Getting Along in Roman Alexandria. Now they know where the agora is, what they can buy at the apothecary, and when they can go to the chariot races and games. They’ve seen the Pharos Lighthouse and the baths, gone to the fullery, and giggled at the latrine.


Special thanks to Raymundo Jackson and Bibi Sandstrom for helping me to get along in the Elting Memorial Library.


Elting Memorial Library

93 Main St, New Paltz NY 12561

Fads and Fashions in Roman Alexandria

The audience traveled back across the miles and years to first-century CE Roman Alexandria. June introduced her latest book, THE DEADLIEST SPORT, and showed  slides of the fashions, hair styles, jewelry, and cosmetics worn at that time.

Barnes and Noble

 Ulster Plaza 

1177 Ulster Avenue 
Kingston, NY 12401 

"Warren in the Morning"

You’ll never hear a more fluent and welcoming voice than Warren Lawrence’s even in the morning. He interviewed June about her most recent historical mystery, THE DEADLIEST SPORT and invited her back on “Warren in the Morning” when the THE DEADLIEST FEVER is released.

   Listen to Warren on WKNY radio Kingston

1490 AM, Monday through Friday, 8:00—10:00 AM.

Hospitality on a Sunday Afternoon



Thanks to Jay and Abbey, the Inquiring Minds Bookstore was a cozy place for the thrill and chill of June’s stories of gladiators and chariot racers in the Roman Empire. But neither the racers nor the gladiators were as deadly as the murderer in THE DEADLIEST SPORT.

Inquiring Minds Bookstore

6 Church Street, New Paltz, NY

June Went LIVE!



June made a guest appearance on The Authors-First Radio Show. You can listen to the 50-minute, commercial-free interview by clicking here.


You’ll hear about June’s books, how she created her protagonist Miriam bat Isaac, and why she set her series in first-century CE Roman Alexandra.

Thanks to Tony Kay for inviting me and making me feel right at home.

A stopover at Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie, NY on the way to Roman Alexandria


June introduced her audience to the first three books in her mystery series and treated them to a trip to Roman Alexandria beginning with the baths and then to the library, agora, chariot races, and finally, the gladiatorial games.


Some guests lingered to discuss whether the latrines accommodated men and women at the same time.

The Pequannock Street Fair

A fun way to begin summer




June and her friends were among the many venders on that Sunday afternoon in Pequannock (Morris County), NJ 07440. 


Encore for the West Orange, NJ Chapter of Hadassah



June told stories about and presented images of first-century CE  Roman women's fashions, hairstyles, jewelry, and cosmetics. On the spot, they invited her back for a presentation on Roman women's diet, medicines, homes, and gardens. Wouldn't you like June to come to your club or organization? It's free, you know.


Arbor Ridge at Brookmeade

Rhinebeck, NY 12572


In her presentation, June showed images of first-century CE Alexandria and Caesarea, the settings of her first two books, The Deadliest Lie and The Deadliest Hate. Along the way, she answered questions about the Pharos Lighthouse and the six other Wonders of the Ancient World. She enjoyed most the attentive audience, light-filled high-tech facilities, and her generous hosts, Meg and Donna.


Braemar at Wallkill

Middletown, NY 10941



June was pleased with the questions from her audience like which treasures of first-century Alexandria are still standing and what happened to the Great Library. So many were history buffs! The facilities were state of the art. But perhaps best of all was the hospitality beginning with the director Harold.


From the Fountains in Millbrook to the Roman Middle East



June’s audience enjoyed artists’ images of the sights in first-century CE Alexandria and Caesarea that were depicted in her books.







A trip to a Chinese restaurant for a visit to Caesarea


The members of the Parsippany Retired Teachers Book Club welcomed June back to Jasper's Restaurant for a luncheon and book signing in honor of The Deadliest Hate. After a sumptuous meal, she presented artists' images of scenes from her book, which is set in first-century CE Roman Caesarea.

June's book was honored at the Algonquin



The Deadliest Hate won honorable mention in fiction at the 2016 New York Book Festival. The reception was in the famous Oak Room of the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan.

Sharon’s Book Club, Flanders, NJ



June visited the members of Sharon’s Book Club to sign their books, show slides of ancient Alexandria, and get their questions answered about Miriam bat Isaac and Maria Hebrea, Life in First-Century CE Alexandria, Alchemy, and Writing a Novel.

Encore at the West Orange, NJ Chapter of Hadassah


For her second visit to the West Organge Chapter,  June introduced her audience to THE DEADLIEST HATE, the second book in the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series. Many had been to Caesarea, the setting of the book, and enjoyed sharing stories of their own adventures there, fortunately none life-threatening like Miriam’s.

A Visit to Roman Alexandria


   June's presentation for LLI at Woodland Pond          New Paltz, NY


June got lots of unexpected questions from the crowd. They asked about modern Alexandria, especially the New Library, the Pharos Lighthouse, and the Canopic Way. She said afterward that it was the liveliest audience she ever had.


Jewish Community Center of New Paltz




June introduces The Deadliest Hate, her second book, to the audience of Miriam bat Isaac fans.

Barbeque and Pool Party



Indoors, at the Barbeque and Pool Party in Newburgh, NY to benefit the Hadassah Hospital's Room with a View Project, June explains to the guests how she created her protagonist, Miriam bat Issac.

West Orange, NJ Chapter of Hadassah




June answers a question about the Scientific Revolution before showing the women from the West Orange, NJ Chapter of Hadassah a slide of Maria Hebrea, the legendary alchemist and inspiration for the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series.

Central Junior High School (Parsippany, NJ) Reunion



June is the honored guest at the Central Junior High School (Parsippany, NJ)  Reunion, class of 1978. She gave out bookmarks for her Miriam bat Issac Mystery Series and told her former students about her books.

Middletown, NY chapter of Hadassah




June discusses her books in the Miriam bat Isaac Mystery Series for the Middletown, NY chapter of Hadassah and concludes her program with a book signing for The Deadliest Lie.

New York City's Sharon Hadassah Chapter




The ladies of New York City's Sharon Hadassah Chapter enjoyed a few short readings from The Deadliest Lie and artists' images of Alexandria during the time of Miriam bat Isaac.

Book signing for the Parsippany, NJ Retired Teachers Book Club




June signs copies of The Deadliest Lie at Jasper's Chinese Restaurant, Parsippany, NJ.

Book reading at a New Paltz, NY women's book club


June reads from The Deadliest Lie at a member's home.

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