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Online Reviews of The Deadliest Hate



"Set in the 8th year (48 CE) of the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius, The Deadliest Hate continues the saga of Miriam bat Isaac, alchemist, healer, and sometime 'detective'.… As was the case with her previous book, The Deadliest Lie, Ms. Trop presents us once again with a virtual first-person 'eye-witness' account of Miriam's gripping experiences.... The Deadliest Hate is much darker than its predecessor and, in the opinion of this reviewer, even more engaging.… Ms. Trop is meticulous with every detail which gives the reader a 'you are there' feeling."


"Ms. Trop drives the plot swiftly with the same lyrical language as her first book. I recommend The Deadliest Hate to anyone looking for a breathless adventure in a 2000-year-old setting without having to leave home."


"A fast-paced historical novel set in Caesarea as the tensions build between the Jews and the Romans... has romance and suspense as well as a satisfying mystery... in an authentic historical setting.... Your eyes will fly over the pages as you experience the conflicts, jealousies, and grudges of the all-too-human characters."


“In the second book, Miriam finds herself in Caesarea on the coast of Israel. The scrolls are missing, and so are the secrets they contain. She must find [out] how many people have the recipe. Her life is in danger and so [are] many others she loves. This book will grab your attention and hold it there until the very last page.”


“Exciting and suspenseful… better than the first book, which I also loved… more of a page turner. I felt the same apprehension and fright…riveting and satisfying… I am recommending it to a book club and can’t wait for the next one.”





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