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Online Reviews of The Deadliest Thief




“The multifaceted mystery is intriguing, with engaging characters… but the real strength of Trop’s atmospherically rich book lies in her ability to transport her audience to a distant time and place… Vibrant imagery and an entertaining plot ending with a most unexpected twist.” — Kirkus Reviews






In her previous exploit, Miriam bat Isaac - budding alchemist and amateur sleuth - had to contend with two simultaneous mysteries both of which dealt with the possible theft of jewels in key places. The first involved precious gems set in the mantle of the Torah in the Great Synagogue of Alexandria; the second dealt with similar objects that were stolen by a trio of thieves from the Treasury of the Great Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In the end, everything was made right regarding the Synagogue jewels. However, only two of the confederates involving the Artemis theft and their share were accounted for with those jewels destined to be returned to Ephesus. The identity of the third confederate and his whereabouts along with the balance of the missing jewels was still unknown.


In The Deadliest Thief, the ante is dramatically upped from thievery to kidnapping and murder. Miriam's own life is threatened. The unknown third thief of the Artemis treasure has emerged with a vengeance, determined to acquire the remaining two parts of the stolen treasure he does not possess before they are removed beyond his reach. A deadly "cat and mouse" game ensues taking Miriam through some of the seediest areas of Alexandria including the crumbling tunnels in the cellar of a dark old warehouse.

How this all finally plays out can be gleaned only by reading The Deadliest Thief in its entirety. (NO SPOILERS here.) Who is the "deadliest thief"? Will he be caught? Will all the jewels be recovered? Who will perish and who will survive during the lethal struggle to re-possess the ill-gotten gems?


Surrounding all of this, Ms. Trop has once again recreated a fully fleshed out world with tangible people, actions, and realistic ambience. I highly recommend that you enter this world. You will not be disappointed.


Reviewer's Note: For a detailed discussion of the goddess Artemis, her Temple, and her Treasure, see Artemis of the Ephesians by James B Rietveld (2014).



In THE DEADLIEST THIEF by June Trop, Miriam bat Isaac is investigating the kidnapping of her best friend, Phoebe. Certain that the person who abducted Phoebe is the same brute who has been stalking Miriam’s dwarf friend, Nathaniel be Ruben, Miriam fears for Phoebe’s life, convinced the man is after the jewels from the Temple of Artemis heist and will use Phoebe as a bargaining tool. Well written, fast paced, and intense, this one will hold your interest all the way through. (Taylor Jones) 




THE DEADLIEST THIEF by June Trop is another mystery for amateur sleuth and budding alchemist Miriam bat Isaac in first-century Alexandria. This time her best friend, Phoebe, has disappeared, obviously kidnapped. Miriam and Phoebe’s husband, Bion, are hampered in their search for her by the fact that the woman who disappeared might not have actually been Phoebe but an imposter. So where is Phoebe and who could have taken her? THE DEADLIEST THIEF is an excellent addition to the Miriam bat Isaac series. Join the adventure as Miriam faces her most baffling case yet. It will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. (Regan Murphy)



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