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Flowers and branches of the Boswellia sacra tree, one of several species used to make frankincense.

A street philosopher contributes to the snarl on the Canopic Way

A retiarius fights with only a net and trident.

Black Hellebore © Robert Hundsdorfer

The DeadliestThiefBookCover_092319.jpg
The DeadliestThiefBookCover_092319.jpg
best bookcover image for TDF_032618.jpg
The DeadliestThiefBookCover_092319.jpg

Wealthy women wore elaborate wigs to imitate the hairstyles of Empress Messalina.


The celebrated Portland vase, one of the finest examples of early first-century Roman glassware, displays gem cutting techniques used to create a cameo-like depiction of the marriage of Peleus and Thetis from Greek mythology. © Mark Cartwright


Can Miriam elude Judean terrorists long enough to trace an alchemical secret that has surfaced in Caesarea?

Will Miriam be shrewd enough to penetrate a monstrous multilayered scheme and bold enough to risk her life to expose the mastermind behind it?

Why has the last surviving jewel thief from the Temple of Artemis kidnapped Phoebe?  And can Miriam find her before it’s too late?

The DeadliestThiefBookCover_092319.jpg

Can Miriam discover the connections among a jewel heist in Ephesus, the death of a sea captain, and the desecration of a Torah mantle before the deadliest fever claims its victim?


Are you ready for a maddening search for a set of high-stakes documents that takes Miriam into the underbelly of Alexandria during the Roman occupation?

best bookcover image for TDF_032618.jpg
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