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The Deadliest Returns 

Is Here Now  !!!


Follow the adventures of Miriam bat Isaac, budding alchemist and sleuth extraordinaire:


Are you ready to escape with Miriam to the Roman Empire and uncover the guilty longings, secrets, lies, and evil deeds of others?

Highlights of the Amazing Kreskin's review of THE DEADLIEST LIE

Miriam, the character that you’ve created, is absolutely enchanting. You bring her to life very dramatically throughout the book… Aside from her searching for the scrolls, she entwines the lives of others around her.

You have taken an action thriller and set it in ancient times. All the characters, good and bad, are strong and one gets a feeling of life in ancient Egypt.


I had to let you know that your book is filled with wonderfully graphic genuinely impacting scenes and not simply descriptions and words on a sheet of paper… You’ve left me eager to read the second volume.



Can you help Miriam bat Isaac and her deputy Phoebe as they struggle to solve these nine baffling cases?

The DeadliestThiefBookCover_092319.jpg

Why has the last surviving jewel thief from the Temple of Artemis kidnapped Phoebe? And can Miriam find her before it’s too late?


Can Miriam discover the connections among a jewel heist in Ephesus, the death of a sea captain, and the desecration of a Torah mantle before the deadliest fever claims its victim?

Will Miriam be shrewd enough to penetrate a monstrous multilayered scheme and bold enough to risk her life to expose the mastermind behind it?

Can Miriam elude Judean terrorists long enough to trace an alchemical secret that has surfaced in Caesarea?

June Trop,  Jewish Mystery Writer

Are you ready for a maddening search for a set of high-stakes documents that takes Miriam into the underbelly of Alexandria during the Roman occupation?

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