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The Hunch: A Contemporary Story Of Psychological Horror

My life changed the day I encountered blabber-mouth Helen in the dairy aisle of our supermarket.

“Hey, Sue,” the woman in red said. “I sure hope your husband takes you to places like the Alto Rooftop Café.”

“Say again?”

“The Alto, you know, that cocktail lounge with those wraparound views of the Manhattan skyline. Bob and I were there last Tuesday. His company was throwing a party for the sales reps who’d achieved their quarterly goals. Your Tommy and some Dolly-Parton-type were having drinks together, And it didn’t look like they were talking business.”

Even before bumping into Helen that day, Sue had a nagging hunch that Tommy was cheating on her. After all, he was the handsomest guy she’d ever seen, that manly, square-jawed kind of handsome; that stop-traffic-dead-on-the street kind with dimples, curly black hair, and smooth, easy-going manners. But she avoided bringing up the issue. If you knew Tommy, you’d know why: his terrible temper. And like his idol, Muhammad Ali, he had the fast fists to go along with it.

But how was Sue going to get a fix on the truth when his skills as a liar were as good as his temper was bad?

To get a head start on the story and find out how she tricked that scumbag, just click here.


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