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More About Salt

In last week’s blog, we saw that the word for salt is the basis for the word for salary. It is also the basis for the word salad, since Romans dipped their greens in salt. Several varieties of lettuces and greens were a staple of the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

In The Deadliest Hate, when Miriam dined at Eran’s home, his houseboys paraded in with covered platters of grilled fish, roasted fowl, and stewed lamb as well as an array of condiments, salads, and dips, all of which they set on a nearby sideboard and then fluttered about ready to serve.

And in The Deadliest Thief, Miriam herself serves a dinner with salad on the menu:

The low ivory table before us was laden with trays of stuffed olives, boiled eggs, and candied almonds; a platter of the cook’s specialty, thin slices of grilled lamb in a fragrant mint sauce; and a salad of dandelion greens, berries, and melon balls.

The Romans loved salads. A main ingredient in all of these recipes was salt. Regardless of when in the meal the salad was served, it had to have a delicious dressing. Oil, vinegar and even brine were poured over the salted veggies.

To make this salad, you will need 3½ ounces of fresh mint, 1½ ounces of fresh coriander, 1½ ounces of fresh parsley, 1 small leek, a sprig of fresh thyme, 7 ounces of salted fresh cheese, vinegar, pepper, and olive oil. Enjoy it with a copy of a Miriam bat Isaac novel. All the foods she eats and serves are authentic. Just click here.


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