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“The Deal” Is Nominated For Best In Horror

In “The Deal,” a wealthy elderly couple agree to get their brains transplanted into the bodies of recently deceased young adults so as to have more time together.

Ruth explains that as soon as the hospital has the right match, we have to go ahead. Otherwise, we forfeit the money:

“Oh, baby, I want big tits!”

“For you or for me, Sam?”

Melting into a fit of giggles, they soon double over, gushing into gales of infectious laughter until Ruth stuffs her knuckles in her mouth and Sam stings his fist thumping it on the table. To forestall another gust of laughter, Sam, clearing his throat, asks, “So, seriously now, how’re we gonna do this?”

Far fetched? you ask. Maybe not. Here’s the headline from the March 2017 issue of Maedica, a Journal of Clinical Medicine: First Human Head Transplantation: Surgically Challenging, Ethically Controversial and Historically Tempting – an Experimental Endeavor or a Scientific Landmark?

My story first appeared in the Fall, 2020 issue of The Dark Sire, a quarterly literary magazine for enthusiasts of gothic, horror, fantasy, and psychological realism in short fiction, poetry, and art, but you can read the entire story for free right here.


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