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It’s not too late! By becoming a subscriber to my semi-annual newsletter by June 1st, you are eligible to win a FREE copy of my latest e-book, THE DEADLIEST FEVER (or any of the other books). If you are already a subscriber, you are in the pool. To subscribe, just go to the HOME page of my website, scroll down, and sign up. The winner will be selected at random and the e-book will be delivered to any email address you specify.

A winner of the Readers’ Choice award, THE DEADLIEST FEVER has been praised by both professional reviewers and readers:

"A historic page-turner that promises to bring fans new and old to the table." Kirkus Reviews

For the Kirkus review and readers' reviews, click here.

To read or listen to actress Linda Roper read the first chapter, click here.

And to watch the book trailer, click here.

Don’t be the last to find out whether Miriam can discover the connections among a jewel heist in Ephesus, the death of a hard-breathing sea captain, and the desecration of a Torah mantle.

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