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Miriam’s in Trouble

In The Deadliest Lie, Miriam follows her quarry to a sleazy saloon squatting on the corner of an alley and listens from behind the garbage heap. When she’s seen and heard enough, she—Well, I let her tell you:

Having seen and heard enough, I figured a way to get back to the lane without being seen. I’d cross the rear yards until I happened upon another alley that led back to the lane, and by keeping the lighthouse in my sight, I’d find my way through the maze around the saloon and guide myself due south toward the Canopic Way.

Confident of my plan but acting too quickly, I tripped on the tail of a scruffy mutt while crossing into the next yard only to confront a fierce, black Saluki.

Hackles up.

Snapping, snarling, growling.

Challenging me.

Its fiendish eyes ablaze.

Its stiletto teeth threatening.

Foam dripping from its flews.

Poised to spring.

I drew back, dropping my lantern, my own jaw agape.

Just before it lunged.

Its stiff whiskers brushing my jaw.

Its steamy breath coating my neck.

If you can’t be there to help Miriam, at least follow her on her treacherous quest.

To watch the book trailer and give her some advice, click here.

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