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Celebrate Women’s History Month!

THE DEADLIEST HATE is on sale for 99 cents

in honor of Maria Hebrea.

Miriam bat Isaac is fictive, but her character is based on the once famous Maria Hebrea, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt during the first century CE. She held her place for 1500 years as the most celebrated woman of the Western World for her contributions to the study of alchemy. If you’ve ever used a double boiler, then you’ve profited from one of Maria Hebrea’s many practical inventions.

Once again, Miriam pursues a dangerous murderer. When Miriam starts out to trace the leak of an alchemical secret that surfaces in first-century CE Caesarea, Judean terrorists target her for assassination. Can she discover who is responsible for the leak while eluding the assassins and protecting a secret of her own? And who is really trying to kill Miriam? And how did the recipe find its way from Alexandria to Caesarea anyway?

Sale is for e-book only, March 1-15. Purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, or Google.

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